Mission Statement & Philosophy


The mission of Suncoast Christian Academy is to provide a superior Christian education consistent with Biblical principles. We exist to glorify God as we equip each student to lead a Christ­-centered life.

Suncoast Christian Academy is a private school for Pre-K 2 years old through 5th grade. In addition to a high quality education, our philosophy is to teach children to be spiritual and develop a Christian world view. The learning experience at SCA will be individualized to the best of the school’s ability. Since the Bible is the inspired word of God and enables our abilities and needs; it will be the compass of our education process. Suncoast Christian Academy will emphasize the worth of the individual and the eternal values of God in order to provide an environment of academic excellence. Suncoast Christian Academy and community takes serious the growth of students intellectually, physically, in service to others and in favor with God. To fulfill the school’s mission, and to be models for our students and families, all entrusted with responsibility in the SCA Community – the Board of Directors, administrators, faculty and staff -also commit to live by the principles found in the Statement of Faith.